The Importance of Talking to Your Child

The Importance of Talking to Your Child

The Importance of Talking to Your Child

The Importance of Talking to Your Child : Does this scenario sound familiar? You are in the kitchen and you notice your child getting fussy. You run to his side and start rubbing his back while the tears flow. “Are you O.K., do you feel better?” you ask instead of getting right to the heartwarming task of comforting him. The Importance of Talking to Your Child

And oh, you think back to your own childhood and the dozens of times that your parents, sibling, or caregiver took you out of your shell and spoke with you directly. During adulthood you realize that you accomplished this only in very rare moments. The rest of the time, you were on your own.

Decades of research about motivation indicates that we humans are highly resistant to outside sources of change-particularly new information or advice. In fact, most of us have gone into ruts of routine in our past and are not able or willing to move to break out of them. We are motivated by relationship, connection, and connection. Each of these motives is important to build when we are trying to get our children to talk to us.

Why is the issue of talking to your child so important? One reason is that we live in societies where both parents have to work in order to survive.   You can understand why when children haven’t spoken to their parents in over a decade.

Ask yourself if there is another long-term relationship you have with your child. Does it have to be a parent-child relationship; with you speaking directly to your child-age doesn’t matter? My guess would be no, as a matter of fact, one of the major challenges is that most people do interact with their kids on their terms. They have expectations based on their own childhood experiences.

Another reason to talk with your children about the importance of keeping the lines of communication open is that you will feel more in control of your response if you realize that you aren’t alone in planting the seeds of this vital relationship in your child’s life. And the opposite is true as well. In your head and in your heart, the importance of keeping your child informed of your decision-making regarding these matters will make it easier for you to respond in a calm and reasonable way when you have to.

Finally, it is obvious that it is important to talk to your child at home and then leave them there. We do not talk to our children when we are out of emotions anyway. Plus, a big part of this whole process is that children sandbox in their rooms for safety reasons and one of the worst fears for most children is leaving home alone.

There are solutions to the challenge of talking directly with your child, but do you want to learn more ways to reduce that fear and to help your child be more confident in sharing their thoughts and feelings?

ADHD Parenting

How could I be more tired and frustrated? I feel like I have one foot in time and one foot in the future. There is an unknown that is over my head. I am lucky enough to have a partner who loves me to pieces. Our son is going through the ” terrible twos” and we still do not know why.

Everyone is telling me how “our” child is different than the group of kids who did not appear in a book or research at study hall. Everyone knows that our child has attention behavioral issues, but no one seems to know what they are dealing with. My partner knows that I am tired enough so no one is saying anything, but I feel like I should.

I refuse to believe in the magicdrug of the millennium and that during the schoolyard and home years we little Johnny had ADHD. I doubt that there is a group of people out there giving me the version of ADHD that I now suffer from. Of course I lived with ADHD symptoms, but the fact is that at 1 year old I was completely normal. My son does not have ADHD and has never been diagnosed with it exactly as I had picture. He does have some special needs.

I recall the day at a very popular mall about eight years ago. I was shopping with my wife and a friend. At the Fisher Price emergency room, they saw a telltale bump in the color of the kidney bean, along with his Peak PER. rolled out implement in the top drawer. That was the first time I believed in a professional assessment. Okay so maybe we had it all wrong. The Importance of Talking to Your Child

I do not believe this is happening to thousands of kids every week. Some of the kids I work with may (and I hope that they do not) have the same signs and symptoms of Autism. Some rails may not be the right height on the bed and there are many who have some health conditions. What is happening? I am not sure, but I truly think a major brains course is necessary because they cannot be catastrophized.

There have certainly been early intervention sessions and I have known children with ADHD who were in public school who did not know this school option. But I am not convinced that they can have just a few options and let the public schools handle it. The outcome is not for me, but I believe that that is my responsibility and my son’s, but that we should take control of his future.

It is sad, how this lives with me. I am constantly missing out on important conversations that I could be having. I feel like instead of learning more about my son, I am missing out on the information and re-living something that happened ten years ago. It is frustrating not to have the necessary information and when I look back at the time (we were depressed, disorganized, disorganized, and extremely disorganized), it just seems like the right time has passed.