Learning the Highway Code

Learning the Highway Code

Learning the Highway Code

Learning the Highway Code : A few years back, a friend whose handwriting analyst identified him as possibly suffering from Dysgraphia, brought to my attention how much a person could learn about driving with the aid of a little book called The Highway Code.

The book not only gave detailed instructions how to drive, but also advised onognostic testswhich could prove to be a huge relief for such sufferers from the condition.

Nowadays, dysgraphia, or “writing with difficulty”, is less common, but is still occasionally picked up, and can severely restrict a person’s ability to write clearly.

However, with some perseverance, it can be turned around into a beneficial learning exercise, with the right kind of advice regarding handwriting analysis.

The following tips should convince you that handwriting analysis is not only for people who have to write legibly, but can also help you improve your personality!


Most people who suffer from dysgraphia have a really hard time remembering their handwriting. This makes it difficult for them to learn anything about handwriting analysis. You can help them regain the confidence they have lost and develop an action plan, by motivating them to find a way to make their handwriting a valuable tool for learning and for their future career.

The best way to inspire is to show them that using their handwriting to write things is a good way to make things easier to remember, and it is something that can help them gain confidence. Learning the Highway Code


“No matter how poorly you try, it’s never as good as you are.” This is one of the most vital points to remember when motivating people with dysgraphia. It is often said that people with learning difficulties are just afraid of the handwriting analysis. That is a complete misconception. What they are really afraid of is having to reveal themselves to the world. When you are ready to reveal that you have a difficulty with handwriting analysis, this will be a common experience for you.

Knowing that you are different from others can be a very helpful thing for you to grasp and understand. Dysgraphia is just a person-shaped signature. It is not a disability. Your uniqueness, strengths, and personality are something you were born with, whether you like it or not.

3. IT IS ABOUT budget

In the perfect world, everyone is to have the same amount of income. However, in the real world, this is not always how things work. You would not see somebody wealthy, when there are very rigid rules dictating how much money you can make, and where you can work.

In dysgraphia, these are the rules:

o You spend a minimum of $30,000 in college fundso You spend a maximum of $50,000 in college fundso You cannot take a loano You have to work while you are in school holidayso Schools understand that learning to write is a time-consuming process. Thus, to help students eliminate the stress from learning handwriting analysis, schools offer a handwriting analyst course, which usually lasts for about 10 weeks. During this time, you will gain insights on how to tackle your handwriting, which is something that is important for you to do well in life.o Teachers and parents alike praise students for their improved grades and character references after working with a professional handwriting analyst.

To differentiate a good analysis from a really bad one, you should follow these tips:

o Look at the source of the information. A piece of information, which comes from a known source, can be checked against a list of recommended handwriting analysts. Such a list of experts is easily found on the internet.

o Make sure the handwriting analyst whom you hire is properly certified.

o Check the resources or web pages on the internet where the recommendations for handwriting analysis are available.

o Consider the cost of the program. A professional handwriting analyst should not charge you more than $50 for his or her services. A normal personal computer can be bought for that price. However, if you want more personalized attention, you can hire a professional analysis program, which is a more expensive option. Personal computer packages can cost around $150.00. If you are thinking of hiring an analysis service, but are not ready to choose a package that is suitable to you, you can try out a free analysis program.

How to Plan Study Abroad

Indian students are attracted towards ‘western’ concept of studying abroad. There are various options available in case you plan to study abroad like:


For IITs, you need to study at least three subjects and at least Half of your coursework should be from outside India.

For SSLCs, you need to study at least Four subjects and at least Half of your coursework should be from outside India. Learning the Highway Code

Candidates should always have a plan of study abroad.

FMS (Faculty of Management Studies)

This degree is very much like a ‘Diploma’ and you are required to study at least Four subjects. Two of the subjects can be counted from your home University whereas the third subject can be counted from any Institute.

B.Com vs B.Sc.

In this case, B. Com takes your graduation even though both B.Sc. and B. Com are offered by the same Institute.

Personality Profiles

The personality profile of a candidate is also considered in this case. It basically describes the ‘fun attitude’ and the ‘friendliness and friendliness’ of a candidate. Learning the Highway Code

The formalities

The qualification period before sitting for the exam is one of the most important factors in determining whether he/she can qualify for the exams or not. Most of the times, the candidates are expected to sit and provide all the exam papers for the course. Some of the institutes also encourage the candidates to ‘go slow’ so that they could prepare well during the exams. Most of the examinations have a time limit of some 4 hours.

Schools often boast of offering more questions which actually, most candidates usually find difficult to solve. Most of the exams encourage the students to solve as many questions as possible. The good thing is that this helps the candidates to avoid wasting time for individual questions. The best way to solve the questions in this way is going through the entire exam paper saved in my email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This topic is thoroughly discussed in the forums. You could choose the most used questions from the forum.

Good for students

Good for Workforce

The career options may vary but the insight that a graduate gets in this field is something that helps the employers to identify the talent that the student has. The graduate is often hired by the institutes or recruitment agencies.

So This is considered to be one of the most rewarding careers for students who pursue it.The reason being that the students are likely to get jobs that pay them a good salary if they continue the education in this field. On the contrary if they follow the regular campus method of learning.

If you Want to Follow the Career of your Choice

FMS has a very important role to play in guiding the students to understand the career they choose for themselves. MS keeps the candidates updated regarding the latest trends in the education industry. The students are able to communicate with professionals from various professions like teachers, administration, management, sales and marketing, real estate agents etc. Learning the Highway Code

The Candidates are able to understand the requirement of the industry in a given scenario

The professionals guide the student in recognizing the specific skill-set that is required for succeeding in a particular field

They identify the relevance of the educational institution in the global scenario

The students are able to determine the industry requirements based on their education

The pros and cons of globalization are discussed in the forum

Interesting State of the Industry

The industry is finding new ways to take advantage of the young professionals and the unorganized sector is following suit. Many new institutes have come up which are offering unique programs. Even though many institutes offer the same course from different institutes some other institutes offer program which are considered to be ab sender and innovative. Moreover the students are discovering that even they want to follow the innovative program.

The future of the education system is going to be defined by the life-long learning factor. An extinction of the traditional education system is going to take place in time. When people talk about the education, they talk about era of books, concepts and pens. The era of practical life is going to start and the students are going to be in a position to determine the importance of learning through interaction. Learning the Highway Code