a Great Birthday Party

a Great Birthday Party

10 Tips For a Great Birthday Party

a Great Birthday Party – Are you thinking about a tea party for your little girl? You can actually do it if you follow the 10 tips mentioned below.

1. Prepare food, plates, forks and spoons.

2. Make the invitations.

3. Set the table with a pretty tablecloth on it. Place flower vase filled with red petals.

4. Make the room atmosphere friendly like a special garden. Light some scented candles to prepare your room more sweet.

5. Give your child a chance to open her own unique package.

6. Get some mini bowls and let your child fill them with candies, chocolates, jelly beans.

7. Fill bath tub with bubble solution.

8. Ask each child to bring a simple smock for the party.

9. Tell them to bring their favorite fruits and/or bread.

10. Prepare the unforgettable closing of the party with a butterfly and a flower or a balloon bouquet. Butterfly and flower ribbon and veil tied are the essential items that can be found in any thrift stores.

All these days, girls love to have unique party for themselves, which can be made better if you will just have the right ideas in hand. The following ideas may help you for lively and unforgettable birthday party of your little one.

1. Give her a special tea party dress. You can make a nice satin dress with puffy sleeves and a petticoat underneath. You may also choose a lightweight chiffon dress fabric for her.

2. Fill a muslin tea party bag with flower buds. You may either line it with satin or tulle and tie a ribbon around it using a thin gold ribbon. You may also fold the edges of the bag over the bag and attach it using a gold ribbon.

3. You may sow white seeds of long spring roses and add a little peat moss to the soil mix. Repeat the process in another month.

4. Prepare a special tea party beverages like a fruit punch, vegetable juice or a cup of herbal tea.

5. Ask each child to bring simple but special story books. For each story book that is completed, you may add a detachable page in the book for the child to write a few word of caution regarding the character in the story.

6. Gather family and friends for the party by cooking a special dinner.

7. It would be fun to make small red flower petals and add them to the mini size rose petals and sprinkle them on to the table.

8. Prepare finger foods like eggs, cheese, ham slices, veggies, fruits and sandwiches.

9. Assign a mini-RSVP with your guests to make sure that you will have enough food for all your guests.

10. Prepare cards and thank you notes by yourself.

For your little one, you can make your child birthday her first birthday well memorable by playing all the necessary games and activities at her party. As the birthday girl, she can dress herself with a cool tea party dress.

How To Stitch A Dress Skirt

For Imitation and Formal costumes, the right length of dress skirt is essential. For formals, the length should be suitable for the occasion, and for imitation costumes, it should be comfortable.

To decide on the right length of the dress skirt, lay the dress flat and measure the floor. The steps will be slightly different, but you can do the same thing for both. Start counting from the floor to the floor. In the example below, the length is 2 feet 5 inches, which makes 40 inches.

2 feet 5 inches x 40 inches =ERA mark, to make 2×4 fabric

Step 1: Cut a 45-inch square of fabric

Step 2: Lay the dress along one side, with the wrong sides together.

Step 3: Starting at a 45-inch right angle, along the right side down, cut along the horizontal right edge of the 2 foot square. The squares should now measure 45-inches (2 meters or 2.5 meters).

Step 4: Fold the 2 foot square into ½ inch to form a 5 inch square.

Step 5: Left go around to the right and up to the left, then right the way around and down to the right. When you have done this 4 or 5 times, turn the dress over and mark the yellow line with a pencil for later reference.

Step 6: Stitch along the inside edge of the 5 inch square

Step 7: Turn the fitted side of the dress back outward towards your body, to the left side, and up to the middle of the garment. Sort out the fabrics according to their position.

Step 8: Stitch the dress halt, along the wrong side, and back to the inside to finish. (If the skirt is long, trim with a curler attachment, if short, trim with a straight edge)

Dress rounds and waistbands are easier to stitch than skirt front. For round skirts, you can thread two or three times the length of fabric being used (for example, if the skirt are 2 feet or 3 foot long, you could go with 3 or 5 times the length of the fabric being used). For waistbands, do the same thing as for dresses.

These basic sew-on garments can take an odd number of stitches on a sewing machine and too many stitches overall on a hand sewing machine, if you are missing stitches, your garment won’t fit right.

If you do not have a seam allowance, you can read a few blogs and see what they did to solve this problem.

To start, mark the seam allowance with a Pigma micronepad so that you know where to stitch for the next step to avoid the seam allowances accidentally becoming a part of the garment. There are also a variety of YouTube videos you can watch and help you determine what you should stitch.

If one piece doesn’t fit right, just turn the garment inside out, wrong sides exposed, and re-flow the gutters on the bottom of the clothesline and redo your next garment. And it looks even better the second time around.